Our wines: Gutturnio Superiore Le Collezioni

Geographic location of the vineyard

S. Marco di Bacedasco Basso, a hilltop locality in the province of Piacenza.

Grape varieties used for production

Barbera 55% and Bonarda 45%

Ageing process

At the winery: from several months up to 1 year or more in heat-controlled steel containers, plus a few additional months in the bottle. After purchase: 1 to 2 years (certain vintages will resist even longer).

Organoleptic test

Colour: deep red with some purple nuances.
Bouquet: quite strong but still delicate; with a sharp red-fruit scent – especially of red-fruit jam and marasca cherry in alcohol – note
Flavour: dry and full-bodied, sometimes it presents a sweetish but still accettable “giving up”. Its flavour is also characterized by an almond and violet-flavoured scent together with riped red fruit. Its feature is sharp and distinct.
Alcohol content: 13 % vol.
Total acidity: 5-7 %o.


Qualification: dry red wine.
Best enjoyed with: risottos, soups, stews, roasted red and white meats and pork-based sauces.
Serving temperature: 16-18°C.
Serving method: uncork the bottle a few minutes prior to serving.
Further information: this kind of wine is called “Superiore” if its lowest alcohol content is 12,5% vol. and it's 1 year old. Otherwise, it's termed “Riserva” if its ageing process lasts 2 years (of which, three months are spent in wooden barrels.

Production and bottling

Directly produced and bottled on the spot by “Azienda Agricola La Ratta” belonging to G.E., S.Marco di Bacedasco Basso, Italy.