Our wines: Bonarda Frizzante DOC

Geographic location of the vineyard

S. Marco di Bacedasco Basso, a hilltop locality in the province of Piacenza.

Grape varieties used for production

100% Bonarda grapes


At the winery: several months in tanks or barrels, followed by brief aging in the bottle.
After purchase: to be enjoyed at a young age.

Organoleptic test

Colour: deep ruby red with purple froth.
Bouquet: morello, cherry and strawberry.
Flavour: from dry to sweet, slightly tannic and crisp; a soft-bodied wine with a joyful character.
Alcohol content: 7 % vol.
Total acidity: 5.5 - 6 %o.
Recommended vintages: always the latest to have been bottled.


Qualification: sweet red wine.
Best enjoyed with: traditional desserts and pastries, particularly with strawberries and wild berries.
Serving temperature: 14°C.
Serving method: uncork the bottle immediately prior to serving.

Production and bottling

Produced and bottled directly at the origin by the Tenuta La Ratta Winery (Azienda Agricola La Ratta di G.E. S.Marco di Bacedasco Basso ITALY).

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