Our wine labels and promotional materials contain various QR codes that allow you to access special contents using any QR Code enabled mobile phone.

Various versions of QR code readers are available for mobile phones and smartphones: all of the latest mobile phone models come with a QR code reader pre-installed as an application, while users of older mobile phones can download the applications for reading the QR codes at the following address.

How to download a QR Code reader
iPhone: various QR Code readers can be downloaded from the AppStore free of charge.
For all other mobile phones, various QR Code readers can be downloaded free of charge from the website http://get.quarkode.mobi/

How to read the QR Code and access the special contents
In order to access the special contents, just open the QR Code reader application and photograph the QR Code with your mobile phone’s camera. The software will automatically recognize the code and display the special contents.
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